How to Turn on Sprinkler System after Winter When It’s Spring

When winter season ceases and spring emanates, then attention has to be paid to the irrigation system. To start watering again you have to take care so that you do not harm irrigation machinery. If you turn on sprinkler system after winter, then you have to take care that you activate the water slowly. Whichever valve you turn on, be particular that you open it carefully. Before opening it all the way give time to pressurize it.

How to Turn on Sprinkler System after Winter?

  • Open main water valve slowly– Allow the pipes to fill with water steadily. The high surge pressures will occur in main sprinkler lines if the valves are opened quickly. It may cause burst due to uncontrolled flow and water hammer.
  • Stop and Waste Valve- A long meter key is required to reach the stop and waste valve in the ground. There will be little leakage when you turn on this type of valve for the first time. But it will last only for a short period. Check that it does not run continuously.
  • Remove Sprinkler Head- Before turning on the sprinkler valves, it will be good to remove sprinkler head at the end of each line. In case you light the valve too fast then it will protect against water hammer. You can use the standard screw or timer to turn on the sprinklers.
  • Sprinkler Stations- You should observe each of the sprinklers and if any leakage occurs then mend it. The smashed sprinkler heads should be removed. You can activate all zones manually from the controller to confirm the process of each station valve.
  • Check the operation of the zone- To test the proper functioning of the zone, go through each station on the controller. Line break shows low pressure. Clean the filters whose sprinklers are poorly performed. Look for the regulation of sprinkler heads.
  • Automatic watering- For automatic watering, reschedule the controller. If it is essential, then replace the backup controller battery.
  • Weather Sensor- If pertinent, then look after the weather sensor to uncover and clean the system.
  • Timer- At the beginning of the season observe the watering by setting the watering times to make certain that everything goes well.

Inspect the system

Run each zone for two minutes after filling the whole irrigation system. In this way, you will be able to flush out the remaining air and can examine the automatic timer and the spraying of the heads. Open the main supply valve completely if everything operates correctly. Make sure the timer is correct and if you find any variations then reschedule it.

To perform tasks like Spring Start-up, it would be great to hire a qualified expert servicer. Hydraulics, the layout of the sprinkler system, watering requirements of plants and soil types all tasks are competently looked by irrigation contractors. You can gain water-efficient system and distress free operation through the skills of the experts.

Many people have Rainbird irrigation system at home, and so they are particularly looking for how to turn on Rainbird sprinkler system. So one thing we would like to mention here that, like all the other sprinkler systems, you can follow the steps for the Rainbird too.

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