How to Replace Sprinkler Head? – Easiest Way to Change Sprinkler Head

How to Replace Sprinkler Head

Now and then the heads of the sprinkler are broken due to some factors that may be lawn mowers, filthy sand, snow plows, grass ends and icing weather conditions. It is an easy task to replace the broken or worn out sprinkler heads. The damage may also occur if the pop-up sprinkler is not working that cause nozzle to withdraw to its position. It would be worthy if every season you replace one or more nozzles. If some of the plants or grass are under-watered, then the nozzle that has larger fan angle has to be replaced.

In this post, I will make you aware of the steps involved in replacing sprinkler head so that you can change it by yourself which in turn give you smart sprinkler controller system.

How to Replace Sprinkler Head?

  1. Govern the sprinkler head – First of all, search the information about the sprinkler head you are planning to change. Do check that the information must be available on the top of the head. The information should be about the model number, maker and the size of the model. All this information are basics so you should be aware of all the things so that you can maintain uniformity in all the head. If you possess rotor head, then the new rotor head should work similarly like the broken rotor head. Check all the necessary details beforehand. Leading home-improvement chains should be verified to buy the replacement parts.
  2. Take out the wrecked sprinkler- Around your sprinkler head remove the top layer of the ground with the help of the shovel. But make sure that you do not dig deep so that no harm occurs to the water line. Dig up to one foot and then do away with the dirt that surrounded the sprinkler head employing hand trowel.
  3. Unbolt the worn-out head- Now unfasten the sprinkler head by making use of the anti-clockwise turn. On taking out the head, make sure no dust enters the connection. Screw the unused head in the place of the old head.
  4. Bolt the new head- On the sprinkler line, fasten the new head but before that thoroughly check that connection is free of grime. The dirt and turf should be removed. The hole should be deep if the impairment is caused due to snow plow or a lawn mower. To avoid blockage due to grime, grass or low drainage leaks, don’t fit the head more than ½ inch above the ground. Do check the leakage carefully so that no problematic issues occur in the functioning of the sprinkler system.
  5. Fix the nozzle- With the help of the fingers or the tool, lift the top and hold the stem and then, thread the control valve to it. After that, you can fix it at the proper position. Clean your new sprinkler head frequently to enjoy the long and sound life of the same.


If your smart sprinkler controller system is not working properly due to damaged sprinkler head and as a result, you are facing the difficulties in irrigation, then one of the most useful solution is to change it. This post will assist you regarding the steps associated with how to replace the sprinkler head. You can quickly change sprinkler head as here you will be served with systematic and in-depth understanding of the steps and procedure involved in substituting the damaged head of your sprinkler system.

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