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How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster: Modifications Explained

How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster

There are many people among us, for whom, mowing the lawn is one of the significant reasons for joy. Being a machine, sometimes it becomes slow and unable to provide expected results.  Well, it’s quite natural. But the problem is, most of us who own a riding lawn mower doesn’t know that the process of riding lawn mower modifications is actually very easy.In this short guide, we will explain how you can make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster. You will get all the essential things you need to know without putting many efforts. Let’s begin.

How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster?

If you want to learn about riding lawn mower modifications, firstly, you need to understand the process. Keep in mind that you will have to follow all these steps in the correct order to get it done. You may not get a satisfactory result if, somehow, the step by step guide has not been followed correctly. Let’s start with the basics.

Step 1: Preparations

Make a list and gather all the equipment in one place. If you want to save your precious time, it is crucial to have all the necessary equipment in one place. It seems like a small step, and many people avoid it. But, to make the process fast, it is crucial to follow it.

Step 2: Remove the Bolts

The second step of how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster is to prepare your machine and start working. Firstly, remove the housing that is bolted over the flywheel. You can use a wrench to remove the bolts. Have patience and work slowly; otherwise, you may end up breaking things or hurting yourself. So, take your time and avoid damages. 

Step 3: Adjust the Nut

Once the bolts are unscrewed, now it’s time to remove the nut. You may find it as a white plastic flap. Find it and then remove the governor. Reinstall the nut again. For that, you may also need to work on the springs that are connected to the handle.

Step 4: Bolt it Back

To make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster, now you should bolt the housing back slowly. Keep it tight. There are many different ways to do that. You can do it the way you want, as long as you don’t damage the mower or the housing. Also, it is essential to remember the exact steps that you have made. It will help you later. Do not hurry and stay focused.

Step 5: Analyse the Muffler

You may find this step a bit harder than other stages. Keep calm as we are explaining how you can go further in the riding lawn mower modifications. After bolting back, now it’s time to analyze the muffler. Check it out thoroughly and make sure that it is packed and closed to the exhaust hole.

It is an important thing to keep in mind because if there is a gap left between the muffler, gasket, and the exhaust port, then there is fear of losing the horsepower and back-pressure. It is not some good stuff to experience when you are already trying to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster.

Step 6: Check the Air Filters

Once you have successfully achieved the previous five steps, now it’s time to check the air filter. Try to clean it and if it is too dirty to be cleaned, replace it with a new one. It is crucial to have maximum airflow. The engine can run at its full capacity if the airflow is not blocked in the machine. This way, you can get the best speed. 

Step 7: Add a High Octane Gas

Step six is the most crucial step when you are looking for an answer on how to make a hydrostatic lawnmower faster. Once it’s done correctly, everything else is easy. After cleaning the air filters, all you need to do is to add some power (i.e) fuel in the gas tank of the riding lawn mower machine. You can choose from the two types of gas, but experts suggest to have 92octane. This gas is durable and is able to provide more power and speed.

Step 8: Ensure the Safety

This is the last step of the process. Never forget to check the whole machine thoroughly after completing the entire process. Check if everything is placed in the right place. Have a look at the housing and quickly clean the lawnmower. Ensure that each screw is tight and placed in the correct order. Once you do that, try your hydrostatic lawnmower and know whether it runs properly. You are all set to ride a faster and better lawn mower machine.


By following these steps, you can quickly make your lawnmower faster and save a lot of time. It is evident that everybody wants to complete their jobs as soon as possible, and therefore, the process of how to make a lawnmower faster is definitely going to help you and many others. If you have any other ideas on the same, let us know.

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