How to Locate Sprinkler Valves? – Find Irrigation Valves in Garden

The irrigation valves play the critical role as it helps in controlling the flow of water. In garden or lawn irrigation system each valve is accountable to one area or zone. The irrigation valve can be above ground or underground. Finding sprinkler valves underground is challenging task as it is located in the valve box which is buried. If you want to see sprinkler valve, then this post will guide you enormously. Let’s move further to discuss the techniques for detecting sprinkler valves.

How to Locate Sprinkler Valves?

1. Evaluate the location of sprinkler valve

If the sprinkler valves are secured by the valve box, then you can investigate the soil of the expected area. It is mere guesswork in which you have to prepare the layout of the irrigation system.

You should consider the primary controller from which the wires go into the ground. This will guide you in imagining the pathway of the cable. It is often estimated that the location of the irrigation shut off valve is close to the corners of the main building or at the backflow preventer situated at the downstream. To the depth of 6”-12” you can explore the probable area. Make sure you dig cautiously so that you don’t damage the irrigation pipes or wires.

sprinkler valve box

2. Irrigation Timer

Near about two inches the wires of the timer are buried in the ground. You can follow the wires which will direct you to locate the irrigation valves. For finding you can make use of small trowel.

Irrigation Timer3. Controller

If you are searching automatic sprinkler valve then you can rely on the controller. To the valve setting the wires goes along with the PVC pipe. To follow the cable, you can dig small holes at every ten feet. Ensure you don’t cut the wire while probing the sprinkler valve.

sprinkler controller

4. Water lines

It is believed that from the backflow the water line is installed to the irrigation valves. Form the metal coat hanger you can cut a 12” wire by making use of wire cutter. Allow it to go through the soil.

Water lines of sprinkler system

5. Role of Chatter

On opening and closing the irrigation valves produce the sound of chattering. On the suspected area you can crawl down to inspect the irrigation valves. Underneath the soil, you can hear the sound of the chattering.

irrigation valves

6. Department of the local city

The local city department holds the certificate regarding the permission of the irrigation. In this application, you will get the blueprint of the irrigation which will assist you in locating the irrigation valve.

blueprint of irrigation system

All these techniques will direct you in finding the irrigation valves in your garden. If you sense non-working valves in your lawn, then you can replace it by locating the irrigation shut off valve that obstructs the work of your watering. You can try any one of the techniques mentioned above as per your convenience and choice. In case you face any difficulty in the applied method then you can move on to the next way which can make your work easier and smoother.

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