How to Find Leak in Sprinkler System?: Detect it Now

At times we face leakage problem in our garden or yard. Making out the indoor leakage in the water system is simple. On the other side, if you handle the irrigation system, then it is tough for you to find outdoor leakage. You will face many lawn problems if your irrigation system is leaking.

To avoid problems due to leakage, it is must for you to identify it in the sprinkler system. You must be thinking in what ways the irrigation leak detection is possible. No need to worry.

Here I will share you the information regarding sprinkler system leakage.

How to Find Leak in Sprinkler System?

The leakage can occur anywhere in the sprinkler system whether it may be underground or external. If you are unable to diagnose the underground seepage, then here I will provide you the guidance of the same.

Underground leakage in the sprinkler system

  • If you find greener above the water lines after watering the lawn, then there may be underground leakage in the water line.
  • Above the waterline remove the other grass with the help of shovel. Once the grass is taken away, then you should remove the soil surrounding the water line for about 2” with your hands.
  • On each side of the crack, you cut the damaged water line by making use of hand saw.
  • On each end of the water line, set up a piece of PVC pipe with the help of the coupler. Leave the PVC pipe for near about an hour so that the glue gets dried.
  • Finally, replace the soil after repairing the leakage.

These are the ways to identify the underground leakage and then repairing it so that your irrigation system works in the proper order. You can also take help of some specialized tools like water leak microphone, leak noise logger, headphones, electro-acoustic testing kit and garden shovel to find the underground leakage.

Underground leakage in the sprinkler system

External leakage in the sprinkler system

  • Lift the sprinkler head from the riser by turning it anticlockwise. You should do away with the last sprinkler head.
  • Below the head you will find the screen, below it put in a fastener. Under a stable stream of water, you can rinse the filter by pulling it out. Clean the nozzle with water by washing it on the sprinkler head.
  • At the controller, you can turn on the sprinkler system. The last head will flush out the water full of wreckages when you remove the head. You can put off the sprinkler system.
  • Change the last sprinkler head along with the screen.
  • Now detect all the sprinkler heads. If any sprinkler head does not pop up, then make use of clipping shears to cut the grass.
  • If you observe any unusual spray pattern, then below each head you should clean the screen.
  • In case the nozzles are cracked, then get it replaced. The water will drip out under the control valve.
  • Make sure that water should directly send out to the grass which can be possible by straightening the sprinkler head.
  • In the end, complete the irrigation cycle by turning on the controller.

From the points stated above, you can become aware of the external leaks in the sprinkler system.

External leakage in the sprinkler system

Identify the leakage now

This informative article will guide you to identify the leakage easily. Now you don’t have to face any confusion or delay regarding the detection of the leakage in the sprinkler system. From the points as mentioned above, you can make out the sprinkler system leaking when off.

Solve the leakage problem of your lawn by going through this article. Once you get rid of leaks in the sprinkler system, you can be able to provide complete coverage to your yard productively.

If you face the issue of sudden increase in the water bill, then it is the time to examine the position of the sprinkler heads. You can also make use of irrigation meter, irrigation system troubleshooting and controller check to know the wellbeing of the sprinkler heads. In case you are unable to handle the situation then you can also take help of an irrigation expert.

Make sure that you pay attention to the maintenance of the lawn so that you can make a diagnosis of the missing nozzles that may have fallen due to any reason. The regular upkeep of the irrigation system will keep your yard in healthy and prosperous condition.  

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