How to Determine Sprinkler Heads per Zone for Irrigation System?

Everyone wants to maintain their garden or lawn in the best possible manner. We plant, we do water, we make sure that our plants get needed sunlight. All these activities are for what purpose? It is because we love and embers nature and want all the benefits of purity in our doorsteps.

How to Determine Sprinkler Heads Per Zone?

If you want to maintain your garden, spraying and watering is the must-to-do task. The sprinkler is an unavoidable instrument for your lawn or garden for better maintenance. Before we start to talk about how many sprinkler heads per zone to be installed, understand why there should be different zones of your garden.

If you have knowledge about such irrigation systems and you use sprinklers regularly, then you must be knowing everything regarding this. But if you are new to all the concepts like gardening, irrigation, lawn zones, sprinkler systems, etc., then we suggest you understand the basics, i.e., what is the term ‘zones’ means!

Irrigation Zones

Do you know what makes the water distribution easy and precise? Such zones for irrigation and then the programmed sprinkler heads and nozzles! ‘Zoning’ is a simple element to plan the whole water management for your garden. It determines that this particular zone (For example Zone Y) of the backyard must get this amount of water (Let’s say 1.5) and that certain area (Zone Z) get that amount of water (like 2.5) and just like that, it continues.

Such zones help in giving the direction to the person who handles the sprinkler. How? Let us tell you. See, it is a universal truth that every plant needs the different amount of water. Right?

Now, if you divide such plants into different irrigation zones in your garden, all the plants and grass can get the specific and mainly needed amount of water. You can program all the sprinklers according to the irrigation zones. If we think for the long-term, this system – directly or indirectly – cut the extra cost as well as will be helpful in water conversion.

So, we can make certain zones according to the plant type or water distribution. We hope you are clear regarding the importance of ‘zones’ for the better irrigation system. Now, let’s move to our main question which is ‘How many sprinklers per zone is required!’

How Many Sprinklers Per Zone?

As we have discussed earlier, all plants cannot survive with the same techniques we apply to the other trees or grass. Every type is different and needs the different amount of water. So, first of all; Divide. Separate the areas of your lawn or yard into the various zones for better and constant care.

For example; separate the grass, shrubs, plants, and big trees according to their types. All these types need the different amount of water and protection. After this division now set the smart wifi sprinkler controller and incorporate drip irrigation for the smart use of water.

To decide how many sprinklers you can install per zone, firstly gather all the information about the water pressure in your garden areas and the capacity of water as the nozzles do not take the same amount of water for all the pressure values.

How many sprinklers per zone calculator?

To check the water pressure:

  • Place a pressure calculator on the nearest tap to the water meter. Here, you need to take care that no other taps are on inside or outside of your home.
  • Switch on the gauge attached tap and wait for few seconds to know the water pressure.
  • You will get the result in ‘pounds per square.’
  • Turn off the faucet and remove the pressure gauge.

Your local corporation which is looking for the running water and stuff can also help you to know the water pressure of your area. So, don’t hesitate to take some help from them.

To measure the flow rate: (i.e., water capacity)

  • Find a bucket or some vessel in which you can measure the water.
  • Make sure that there no other faucet or taps are open inside or outside of your house.
  • Turn on the tap and note the time.
  • When the container/bucket is full, turn off the tap and re-record the time.
  • Notice how long it takes to fill the bucket.

The formula is like this:

Gallons (container size) / Time (seconds) * 60 = GPM (Gallons Per Minute)

So, it depends on PSI (i.e., the pressure – pound per square inch), and GPM (i.e., the flow – gallons per minute.) You also should take in mind that the sprinkler heads tend to use more GPM at higher pressure.

This is the easy and quick process to determine the number of sprinklers per zone for irrigation system. We hope you find this article of irrigation system and sprinkler zones helpful and informative.

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