Hose Bib vs Spigot – Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Faucet

Hose Bib vs Spigot

Home improvement and plumbing will open a whole new world for you with words like hose bib and spigot becoming a normal part of your vocabulary. This is because plumbing is a complicated process that requires the use of various tools. When it is indoors, you can pick out any water faucet based on the aesthetics, but the story is different for the outdoors. 

Outdoor faucets have to be tough and long-lasting. They should also be able to handle weather changes without being affected. While looking for the right ones, you will come across hose bibs and spigots. While both qualify as outdoor faucets, there are a few differences. Learning about them will help you make a sound choice.

Hose bib

Hose bibHose bibs are usually called Silcocks and are your plain old water faucets. They work to pump water from compression valves to the outdoors. Today, almost all homes have a hose bib on one side of their house to water the garden and to cool the yard during summers.

Hose bibs are common because they are easy to use and affordable at the same time. You can install them yourself too, if you have basic DIY knowledge. Otherwise, contractors will be more than happy to help.


SpigotA spigot is also an outdoor faucet. It is also known as a Silcock at times. But its functionality is different from a hose bib. A spigot usually has a longer rod and is not situated too close to the water source. 

Spigots are usually more durable and can withstand cold temperatures without damage. These are the main advantages over hose bibs. You will also find modern options of spigots with anti-freeze and anti-siphon features.

On the downside, you will note that spigots are harder to install and usually more expensive. They are also not too popular, which means replacements & repairs can be difficult. 

Hose bib vs Spigot – Which One Should You Buy?

If you live in cold regions, you should definitely choose a spigot because a hose bib will not be rugged enough for those temperatures. If a standard faucet is all that you need, a hose bib will do just fine. We would also like to advise that you choose the faucet based on your needs instead of focusing on the aesthetics. Spigots are quite unappealing and that’s a reason why homeowners don’t choose them. But if you buy a hose bib instead, you may have operational issues. Be smart! ☺


Spigots and hose bibs, both are external faucets and do their job well. Their differences make it easy to choose because you now know exactly what to pick. We hope this article cleared things up for you. If you still have doubts, you can leave a comment and one of our experts will help you out.

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