Earthquake Tiller Reviews – Is It A Good Choice For You?

Earthquake Tiller Reviews

Earthquake, a division of the Ardisam Company, has a ground-breaking name and promises to live up to it through innovative products. Its tiller is a crowd favorite with many reviews in its favor. Now, the question arises – can you trust these Earthquake Tiller reviews? Should you invest in it and see how well it works? Or is it not the right choice for you? Our experts will guide you and help you answer these questions.

Earthquake Tiller Reviews

Earthquake Tiller reviewsAs always, let’s begin by learning about the different features that the Earthquake Tiller comes with:

  • It is a 2-in-1 product that works as a tiller and a cultivator.
    1. When you use it as a tiller, you will be able to prepare your garden for cleanup and seeding. It has a maximum width of 21 inches, which is more than enough for regular gardens. 
    2. As a cultivator, you can use this to cultivate tight spaces in between rows and fence lines. The minimum tilling width of 11 inches will come in handy here.
  • The tiller has a high-power 99cc 4-cycle Viper engine.
  • The product is highly versatile, enabling you to remove shields and tines without the use of additional tools as per your needs.
  • It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Controlling the tiller is a breeze!
  • Its center of gravity is very low. This property makes it quite stable during operation.
  • Starts are easy thanks to its smooth pull recoil and its function is quiet.
  • It has integrated transport wheels.
  • You can adjust the tilling width depending on your requirements. The 3 options are 11, 16, and 21 inches.
  • The manufacturers offer a warranty of 5 years against defects and damage.
  • It is very useful in home gardens
  • It starts very easily within 2-3 pulls
  • Maneuverability stands out
  • Usage is quick and straightforward
  • Its operation is quieter than its counterparts
  • The assembly manual is difficult to understand


Earthquake Tiller Reviews – The verdict

The features of the Earthquake Tiller are spectacular. This versatile product definitely lives up to the hype and has a good price as well. This means that you are not overpaying for convenience or high quality. You get them both without burning a hole through your pocket.

If you have a small garden and are looking for a light-duty tiller, you will not go wrong with this one. However, it might not meet your expectations if you are eyeing a heavy-duty option. Please choose accordingly.


Whether the Earthquake Tiller is a good buy totally depends on what you are looking for. We hope this review helps you decide. If you have any more questions about the same, please let us know and we will assist you.

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