Drum mower vs disc mower – Which one is the better option?

Drum Mower Vs Disc Mower (1)

A good mower can make agriculture not just easier but also a lot of fun. The right one for you will depend on the size of your field, the requirements, and other specifications. If farming and gardening are your priorities, there are 2 types of mowers that you will come across – the drum mower and the disc mower. They are both very useful and efficient but have a few differences. We shall discuss them in detail now.

How does a drum mower work?

A drum mower is a horizontal cutter that finds a lot of use in hay cutting. It is not suitable for brushing or finishing. You can cut grass with it very efficiently because it works very close to the ground. This means that the grass won’t grow back fast and there’s no trimming. 

As the name suggests, a drum mower has drums that continuously rotate and cut the grass as they pass through.

How does a disc mower work?

Disc mowers have blades instead of drums. These blades are installed on discs that rotate very fast as they cut the grass. The catch here is that they do not operate very close to the ground. In fact, you can adjust the height of a disc mower based on how much you want to trim. This is a significant advantage for those who want to just trim the grass or brush it. 

Drum mower vs disc mower

Both these mowers achieve the same result (more or less). That is why, even though the operating mechanism is different, you might wonder which one to go for. We have compared them based on different aspects to help you:

  • Ease of use: Both the mowers are easy to use but disc mowers are more flexible because you can adjust the height. If you don’t always cut the crop very short, disc mowers will be a good choice. 
  • Usage: Drum mowers have been designed specifically for cutting crops very short. Disc mowers usually help you trim them. One misconception here is that disc mowers cannot go as low as drum mowers. That’s not true, especially in reliable and high-end models.
  • Price: Drum mowers are cheaper than disc mowers. But we do not suggest that you make a choice solely depending on the price. Their functionality should suit your requirements. Disc mowers may be expensive, but the price tag does justice to their flexibility.

Drum mower vs disc mower – the verdict

If you are on a budget, a drum mower is a good choice. If functionality is what you are looking at, you can decide based on what you need. Both these mowers serve the same purpose, but their working and the result definitely have some differences. However, neither is better than the other. It would be wrong to pit them against each other.


We are positive that this article cleared up your doubts about mowers. If you still have questions, you can reach out to us, and we will be happy to answer them. Have fun shopping!

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