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If you are looking for best sprinkler valve for your yard, then in this post your search will be ended. Here you will come to know about various features of the sprinkler valves that serve the requirements of the particular type of environment. You can choose sprinkler valves that adequately fulfill your needs.Picking the best sprinkler valve is not only essential but challenging too as lots of varieties are available on the market. But no need to worry at all. After going through this post, you will get the thorough knowledge of the sprinkler system valve. Let’s proceed further to explore best the irrigation valve for backyard or garden.

Best Sprinkler Valve

1) Orbit 57101 Sprinkler System Auto Inline Valve

Orbit 57101 Sprinkler SystemThe Orbit 57101 is paired with the timer to deliver years of easy automatic watering. It will check flood damage along with water wastage. From the broken diaphragm it disallows the free flow of water. You can test and flush sprinkler lines with the help of manual on/off bypass lever.

  • It is well-suited with 24 sprinkler systems. You will find that with standard residential 24-volt sprinkler systems, the inline valve works well.
  • The design is reverse-flow and of heavy-duty which is meant for self-cleaning.
  • The female-threaded valve is one inch, and it is the auto inline valve.
  • You can use it only with cold water and outdoor irrigation purposes.

This product is easy to use which to a certain extent holds small sized valve that can be fitted in tighter places. Enjoy solidly built device with waterproof quality. This well-made product will serve you for many years.


2) Rain Bird CP075 In-Line Automatic Sprinkler Valve

Rain Bird CP075 In-LineRain Bird CP075 is in-line automatic sprinkler valve that holds ¾” threaded female inlet x female outlet. The best quality In-Line valve is Rain Bird manufacturers. With ¾” female threaded inlet and outlet, it substitutes all in-line irrigation valves which are installed below the ground.

  • It works with any standard sprinkler timer and is termed as residential and light commercial grade In-Line Valve.
  • With the help of manual bleed screw, you can operate it mechanically or manually.
  • On diaphragm, the stress is reduced with the reverse flow design for reliable operation.
  • It holds solenoid which is of low power and energy efficient along with condensed plunger.
  • In harsh weather environments, it offers superior performance by making use of Buna-N diaphragm.

If you are looking for below-ground installation which is out of sight and away from playful hands, then this tool is apt for you. It requires the backflow prevention device which will protect against backflow. You can make use of this method in the areas where pressure vacuum breaker or double- check valve is essential.


3) Orbit 57623 Anti-Siphon Valve

Orbit 57623 Sprinkler SystemThe Orbit 57623 Anti-Siphon Valve is durable and comfortable to use the device that offers the high performance to the users. In groundwater, there are many harmful water borne pests and worms along with toxic chemicals. All these things make the water unhealthy to consume. By making use of this tool, you can save your ground water. The FPT anti-siphon valve is of ¾ inches.

  • It lessens sprinkler clouding and overspray due to flow control adjustment.
  • The household water supply will not be polluted as it prevents entry of the infects.
  • It covers manual external and manual internal bleed which is perfect for testing and flushing sprinkler lines.
  • It features double-beaded TPR diaphragm which is rough. From 0 to 8 GPH is the flow adjustment.
  • It provides consistent services due to heavy-duty construction and UV resistant.

This product is Buna-N valve seat seal which is considered a universal valve. If you are looking for a hassle-free sprinkler system, then this product is apt for you as it has a manual on/off option and bleeds screw that provides testing and flushing easy and simple. You can enjoy the long lasting and simple service due to high and non-corrosive plastic construction.


4) Rainbird CP100 In-Line Automatic Sprinkler Valve

Rain Bird CP100 In-Line Automatic SprinklerRainbird CP100 is one of the best irrigation valves which is in-line automatic and features 1” threaded female inlet x female outlet. Don’t be panic in harsh water environments as Buna-N diaphragm gives the more excellent performance. Make use of the valve’s external bleed screw to remove dust and wreckage manually. Do it after installation and before startup. With any 24-volt AC irrigation timer/controller, you can use this tool.

  • It employs with the manual bleed screw to run automatically or manually.
  • For dependable operation, it holds reverse flow design that reduces stress on the diaphragm.
  • It is residential/light commercial grade which is designed for below-ground installation as such it is out of vision and away from playful hands.
  • The compressed solenoid with the seized plunger is of low power and energy efficient.

You will find this equipment efficient as in the situation of internal diaphragm failure it will keep the valve closed due to unique reverse-flow design that will check flooding and will save your water. Try it to use with Rain Bird spray heads, rotors, and impacts.


5) Orbit Sprinkler System Top Valve 57467

Orbit Sprinkler System 1-Inch MaleThis Orbit Sprinkler Valve 57467 and the male NPT jar which is one inch. You can use with standard residential 24-volt sprinkler systems and for easy testing and flushing use on/off lever.

  • At the time of servicing, the screw-top lid delivers easy access.
  • Enjoy reliability with this device as it possesses stainless-steel components for heavy-duty construction.
  • To an irrigation timer, it can be connected with the help of 24-volt solenoid.
  • You don’t require any tools with this threaded easy-to-access jar-top lid.

Experience a new snap-wire connector with this heavy-duty stainless steel construction. The lid is easy-to-access that will make your work easier and simpler. It takes account of manual operation with the dependable design.


6) Orbit 57280 3/4″ Automatic Inline Control Sprinkler Valve

57280 3 4 Automatic Inline Control ValveOrbit is 57280 has reverse-flow design and enjoys automatic inline control sprinkler valve. The female-threaded valve is of ¾ inches. For residential sprinkler systems, the latest innovation is combined to create a workhouse valve.

  • Water hammer and wear on the system is reduced by the soft-close design.
  • Flooding is stopped by the reverse flow fail-safe design.
  • Make use of it with outdoor cold water irrigation systems.
  • It has lid screws that work with the flat head.
  • 5/16 socket and flathead are used for working with lid screws.

It is easy and simple to maintain due to solenoid plunger and attached diaphragm spring. For natural realignment, it features diaphragm post. If you are interested in the simple operation, then go for this device.


7) Toro 53708 Sprinkler System Valve

Toro 53708The Toro works great which can perfectly close and open water supply. Below the ground, these valves are installed, and in a valve box, you can keep it. For fast and easy servicing, it holds threaded bonnet jar. In accessories, you will find replacement double-beaded diaphragm and replacement solenoid.

  • It lessens wear and increases consistency with the help of full stainless steel metering system.
  • You will find that spring and plunger is bounded in the condensed solenoid.
  • It flows 0.25 to 30.0 GPM and holds 0.2 amps.
  • The inlet/outlet measures 1-inch and inrush are 0.4 amps.
  • 10 to 150 PSI is the operating pressure, and the solenoid is 24 VAC.
  • For firm, easy and simple servicing it features widely held “jar-top” system.

You can make use of this device with any other brand irrigation systems. If you are looking for internal/external bleed, then this tool takes the manual internal/ external bleed which is initiated at the valve box manually, and at the valve location, the flooding is removed by the internal bleed.


After discussing the products, I will throw light on the types of sprinkler valves.

 Orbit 57101Rain Bird CP075Orbit 57623Rain Bird CP100
Item Weight1 pounds1.3 lbs14.4 ounces1lbs
Voltage24 Volt sprinkler systems24 Volt AC irrigation24 Volt sprinkler systems24 Volt AC irrigation
Valve operatesAutomaticallyAutomatically or ManuallyManuallyAutomatically or Manually
Product Dimensions3 x 4.8 x 5.4 inches3 x 5 x 5 inches6.1 x 6.1 x 3.1 inches3 x 5 x 5 inches

Types of sprinkler valve

Different types of sprinkler valves are used by the sprinkler system so that it functions properly. The pressurized water is supplied to the sprinkler head by the sprinkler valves. In the sprinkler system, the most common valves used are-

  1. Gate Valve  In home sprinkler system you can make use of this valve. It will serve as the lawn sprinkler valve.You can make use of it for fully closed or opened service. When you require minimum pressure loss and free bore, then use gate valves. For the vast number of fluids, you can make use of gate valves as it is suitable for all types of applications.
  2. Ball Sprinkler Valve – For frequent usage, you can take help of this valve in commercial areas.With the simple turn of the wrist you can control different sections of the irrigation system with the use of ball valve. Enjoy producing manual shut off in your irrigation system with this high-quality valve. From ½ up to 2” sizes you can get ball valves and are made up of schedule 40 PVC or brass.
  3. Automatic Control Sprinkler Valve  For watering lawns, gardens and landscapes you can make use of this valve. This sprinkler control valve is resourceful that will make your work easy.You will find lots of qualities like consistency, dependability, high performance, positive control, and durability. It will meet your requirements in various sectors like municipal waterworks, commercial plumbing, irrigation, fire protection, theme park and much more. With minimal maintenance, you can enjoy long life service.
  4. Anti-Siphon Valve – The contamination of water source is prevented by this valve as it checks the backflow of water.For residential irrigation systems you can make use of this primary type of valve. Make sure you don’t leave this valve ‘on’ or ‘open’ for more than 12 hours consistently. You can save your time and money by making use of the optional feature “Flow Control.” Make sure you install the valves 6” higher as compare to the top sprinkler head.
  5. In-line Valve – To hide plumbing you can install this device under the ground. It helps you to control the flow of water.It helps you to control the flow of water. In simple industrial applications, you can make use of this device. Enjoy the compact and robust design with flexible options. You will find it easy to maintain that holds different system. Here you will experience standard ranges along with reliability.

According to your requirement, you can choose any valve. From the product as mentioned earlier, you can make out the functioning of different types of valves for your irrigation system.

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