Best Rain Sensor for Sprinkler System | Both Wireless and Wired Sensor

When your earnings depend on the irrigation business, it’s important to know about the rainfall well in advance. Not only this gives you crucial information for the irrigation cycle, but it also saves money and conserves water. The best way to do that is by installing the best wireless rain sensor that can determine the rain amount so you can stop sprinkler system before the unnecessary amount of water gets wasted. Today one can find wired rain sensor as well as the wireless version easily in the market. After a certain amount of rain receives in the trigger, the sensor activates which controls the sprinkler system. Most important function of sensors is to breaks the electric connection between sprinkler if there is ample of rain detected in the atmosphere. If you are farming in the backyard or doing business, we advise you to invest in the irrigation rain sensor that can save your money and water. Here is the list of best wireless rain sensor available online.

Best Rain Sensor for Sprinkler System

1) Rain Bird WR2-RFC A553100 Wireless Rain and Freeze SensorRain Bird WR2-RFC A553100 Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor

The best wireless rain sensor award goes to the rain bird WR2-RFC A553100 which got recognition and positive reviews from many customers online. This product has achieved astonishing ratings on different websites due to its distinctive features. One can easily install this irrigation rain sensor without much of a hassle. The programming is accurate; signal strength is effective, and this one device works as Rain and Freeze Sensor making it a cost-effective product.

Essential features of Rain Bird WR2-RFC A553100 Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor:

  • One man work to install the Rain Bird Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor.
  • Programming is a piece of cake.
  • The signal strength is sufficient to detected rain to stop water sprinkler at the right time.
  • The mounting holes are given in the product, but if you want a panel, the customer needs to purchase that individually.


2) Toro 53769 Sprinkler System Wired Rain SensorToro 53769 Sprinkler System Wired Rain Sensor

Toro 53769 wired rain sensor promised to work effectively at the time of irrigation cycle. This sprinkler system wired sensor is available at an affordable rate with all the necessary features that will help you in farming. Compatible with any sprinkler timer, the product comes with Quick Clip gutter bracket for easy installing, a 25 feet connection wire that will stop the sprinklers when 1/8 to 1 inch of rain is detected.

Essential features of Toro 53769 Wired Rain Sensor:

  • Affordably priced wired rain sensor which interrupts the irrigation system at the time of rain detection.
  • The Toro 53769 wired rain sensor is designed to function with any sprinkler timer.
  • Easy to install, the sensor can be connected using 25 feet UL rated wire.


3) Orbit 57071 Sprinkler System Rain and Freeze SensorOrbit 57071 Sprinkler System Rain and Freeze Sensor

Orbit wireless rain sensor promises to save water and money to a great extent. If you are worried about your plants getting more water during the irrigation cycle, then it’s time to install Orbit 57071 Rain and Freeze Sensor. Available at affordable rates, Orbit wireless rain sensor will aid in watering plants in the correct way.

Essential features of Orbit 57071 Sprinkler System Rain and Freeze Sensor:

  • Orbit wireless rain sensor stops the automatic sprinkler right on time when it’s about to rain.
  • No wiring or setting the timer as the wireless sensor will adjust that irrigation system if the rainfall is from 1/8 In. to 1 In.
  • Freeze sensor will save your money by stopping water getting freeze in pipes.
  • The Orbit 57071 is designed to save water, money and time.


4) Hunter Sprinkler WRCLIK Wireless Rain-Clik SensorHunter Sprinkler WRCLIK Wireless Rain-Clik Sensor

Hunter offers best rain sensor for a sprinkler system for those who want to spend less and get a quality product that works for years. The Hunter Sprinkler WRCLIK is easy to install and works effectively for all type of sprinkler controllers. All you need to do is establish them in a correct way and let the sensor manage the water system efficiently.

Essential features of Hunter Sprinkler WRCLIK Wireless Rain-Clik Sensor:

  • The wireless irrigation rain sensor commands the controller to stop the water supply after detecting adequate rain.
  • Easy to mount on the surface like fence or wall, the Hunter WRCLIK will manage the water supply to the sprinkler and shut them when there is adequate rain.
  • If you want the sensor on the edge of the gutter, use a gutter mount which comes in a package.


5) Rain Bird CPRSDBEX Wired Rain SensorRain Bird CPRSDBEX Wired Rain Sensor

If you want to interrupt the irrigation system right time of the shower, then Rain Bird CPRSDBEX wired rain sensor might be the best product for you. Available at affordable rates, this wired rain sensor shuts down and restart the sprinkler system at a correct time saving your money and water. Works with most of the irrigation system controller, Rain Bird CPRSDBEX is an exceptional quality product that works on all type of environment.

Essential features of Rain Bird CPRSDBEX Wired Rain Sensor:

  • Useful senses the rainfall to turn off and on the sprinkler system.
  • The user can adjust the rainfall setting from 1/8″ to 3/4″ by twisting a simple dial.
  • Compatible with most of the irrigation system controllers.
  • Made from durable UV- resistant material with an aluminum bracket that can withstand harsh weather.
  • The side vent of the sensor is designed to dry out entirely once the water is collected to avoid any hazard.



If your motto is to find the best rain sensor for the sprinkler system, wired or wireless online, then our designed list will help you chose the model that ticks on the requirement and fits in the budget. Remember each product have its pros or cons so buy one that is suitable for your terrain and crop requirement.

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