Best Pop Up Sprinkler Heads | Most Efficient Sprinkler Heads of 2019

Are you looking for the most efficient sprinkler heads for your garden or lawn? Lots of varieties of pop up sprinkler heads are available in the market. No doubt you must be searching the best pop up sprinkler heads for your home lawn to experience efficient outcomes. To meet the demands of your exploration, here you will get acquainted with the quality products of sprinkler heads.

Make sure before finalizing any irrigation tool of your choice and comfort; you should go through the following points so that you get the value of your purchase. Before buying the sprinkler head, do consider the following points mentioned below-

  • The sprinkler head should be made up of heavy-duty material to provide you long-lasting services.
  • Choose the appropriate height. For the commercial purpose, you can go for the height of 6”. The pop-up height should be 3” or above to trim the top grass. The lawn areas can be of 4,” and for shrub areas, you can consider 6” or 12”.
  • The nozzle should be adjustable up to 3600.
  • The device should be economical and at the same time water-lubricated.
  • Should perform well with all types of conditions like harsh surroundings and sandy soil.
  • To stop the leakage, there should be wiper seal to cover the riser.
  • Ensure that to have the proper flush retraction there should be strong spring.

All these are the essential points which will make your purchase worthy which will allow you to enjoy satisfactory results.

Best Pop Up Sprinkler Heads

1) Rain Bird 1804VAN Sprinkler Head

Rain Bird 1804VAN

Rain Bird 1804VAN provides professional pop-up sprinkler of 4” in the pack of 5. You can easily install this good quality sprinkler head to enjoy amazing results.

  • In each head, the 15’van adjustable nozzle is installed to make your irrigation task convenient.
  • It features the pop-up height of 4”. The body height is 6,” and the diameter of the open surface area is two ¼.”
  • Without tools, you can adjust the arc from 0-360 degrees.
  • It holds matched precipitation rate nozzle, reduction screw which is made up of stainless steel, detachable grit filter, folding spring and co-molded wiper seal which gets activated due to patent pressure.

If you want to experience your irrigation system as new, then you can rely on this device. The natural alignment of the nozzle will make your irrigation task simple and stress-free. Enjoy the adjustable pattern as per your requirement.


2) Orbit 55662 Voyager II Pop Up Sprinkler Spray Head

Orbit 55662 Voyager II

Orbit 55662 is the Voyager II rotor sprinkler spray head that can spray at the distance of 25’-52’. The adjustable pop-up gear drive is of 4” and is specialized in nature. It comprises adjustment key along with it eight nozzles.

  • In a part or full circle, the spray can be adjusted at the radius of 20ft – 40ft.
  • The gear drive rotors of all leading brands like Toro, Rainbird, and Hunter are well-matched with this device.
  • With a twist, you can keep away wreckage by making use of the filter. As compare to traditional pop-up, the precipitation rate is less of Voyager II.
  • You can enjoy the flexibility due to extra nozzles which will help you in modifying the flow rate.
  • From 40-360 degrees you can water small or large areas due to the adjustable setting.
  • You can experience on-the-spot adjustment by making use of keys which in turn will provide you high accessibility.
  • It features female inlet thread of ¾”. The gear drive is quiet and dependable.

In case you are looking for the sprinkler head for medium to large areas of lawn and garden, then this device will provide you variety and versatility. Without breaking the bank, you can efficiently water your plants and grass. It is apt for clay soil or lawns in sloped areas.


3) Toro ProStream XL Sprinker Head

Toro ProStream XL

Toro presents ProStream XL rotor sprinkler system head 53823. This pop-up device is of 5”. It works well with gear-driven or influential rotors like Rain Bird, Hunter, K-Rain, and Orbit.  

  • This tool is perfect for medium to large lawns as it provides spacing of 25 ft to 46 ft and the adjustable pattern varies from 400 – 3600
  • The three slow rate nozzles produce the better watering proficiency.
  • The height of the pop-up is 5” which helps in clearing tall grass.
  • The female threaded inlet measures ¾”.
  • The radius is reduced up to 25 percent due to stainless steel adjustment screw.

You can enjoy soundless, smooth and consistent operation by making use of this gardening tool as it holds gear-driven design and is water lubricated. The debris is kept away due to the closed case and special wiper seal. You only have screws on to make it operate. Make your irrigation task effortless with this secure installation device.


4) Rain Bird 32SA/4PKS Pop Up Sprinkler Head

Rain Bird 32SA/4PKS will provide you greater coverage uniformity. It is considered one of the best pop up sprinkler heads. The brand name ‘Rain Bird’ is meant for the ‘Intelligent Use of Water.’ In the package, you will find four original 32SA rotors. The distance of the spray is 19’-32’.

  • It provides lifetime reliability due to its water-lubricated and gear-driven design.
  • It protects the internals from wastes with the help of positive-stop wiper seal.Rain Bird 32SA
  • By making use of flat blade screwdriver, you can quickly adjust the rotor at the top. In this way, you will only water the things that are meant to be grown.
  • The 4” pop-up height will allow you to get away with taller grass. You can easily and quickly install the device.
  • The rotor selection tip provides the water efficiency. The even amount of water is distributed to all the areas with the help of ‘head-to-head ‘coverage.
  • On your rotor, you can reduce water time which will help you in saving money on water bills. It is possible due to close-in coverage.
  • It is apt for sandy soil, creeping grass and all types of rough surroundings.
  • The large wind-resistant droplets and evenness are provided by the technology of water-saving rain curtain nozzle.

The adjustability of 400-3600 will make your irrigation task systematic and manageable. Enjoy healthy greenery by watering your lawn and garden evenly with the help of gear drive rotor. The closed-case design is adequately protected.


5) Orbit 55034 Pop-Up Sprinkler System

Orbit 55034

Orbit presents sprinkler head which is durable. Now you don’t have to worry about dirty water conditions as this device will serve you efficiently. The satellite brass is of 21/2” and from 25’- 45’ you can adjust the impact canister.

  • In or out of the stream of water you can screw the diffuser pin to reduce or increase the distance of your power sprinkler.
  • All year round you can keep your surroundings green by adjusting the spray pattern at the degree of 20-360.
  • It is easy and simple to install due to its dual inlets of ½” or ¾.” The satellite brass sprinkler head is made up of brass which will provide you durability.
  • Without moving pipe, it can be replaced quickly by making use of bottom and side inlets. With all brands, you will find it compatible.

If you are looking for accessibility and strength of pop-up sprinkler system, then here you can meet your requirements. You can bury the sprinkler by making use of this device as it can conceal. Either from below or side you can attach it.


6) Hunter PGP-adj Rotor Pop Up Sprinkler Heads

Hunter PGP-adj

Hunter PGP sprinkler head comes in the pack of 4 along with the adjustment tool. This quality gardening tool will provide you unfailing services.

  • It does not involve any assemblage. The pre-installation is of 7 nozzles along with 4 Hunter PGP heads.
  • On the internal gear drive, it can recover the dirty-water tolerance.
  • From 500-3600 it shows the full-circle adjustment so that you can efficiently perform your irrigation task.
  • For each head, it is free from additional nozzle racks.

This product will be a good deal for your irrigation task. You will find the quality and price of the product suitable. For your old PGP heads, you will find it a perfect replacement. It will work well in many seasons and harsh winters too.


7) Rain Bird 1804 H Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler

Rain Bird 1804 H

Rain Bird 1804 H Professional Pop-up Sprinkler head possess the excellent quality that provides durability. Across the globe, you can make use of this device for your parks and yards. It delivers the whole variety of applications due to its superior components and features.

  • It covers 8’-15’ spray distance which you will find modifiable.
  • All the time this gardening tool guarantees the flush withdrawal due to the presence of stainless steel spring which is long-lasting.
  • The improvident water leak is controlled by the co-molded wiper seal which is original and initiated by the pressure.
  • At the time of retraction, the wreckages are eliminated by the conical pop-up neck.
  • It enjoys the half circle pattern of 1800 along with the pop-up height of 4”.

In the world, you will find this brand as the first rate commercial-grade irrigation spray head. At low water pressure, this irrigation tool operates competently. The great thing about this product is that it provides excellent resistance to gravel, strength, and environment due to its unique co-molded wiper seal.


Final thought

This post will make you aware of the best pop up sprinkler head for your lawn. You can make your irrigation task comfortable, simple and convenient by going through the points stated in the product list. Select the product which is easy to install and holds functional design. Take care of your precious lawn by employing the quality product which will guide you in saving water. Enjoy the efficient results by relying on the reliable product.

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